Saturday, November 14, 2009

You Are In Trouble!

I've noticed that SOME PEOPLE haven't changed their blog lists to have my new blog on it which means you poor souls who haven't changed it wont be able to see when I update my blog! This is a friendly reminder to please do so. If you can't find the link on my below post, I'll even post it again for you! Thanks :)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Blog!

To all my old blog readers,

I've made myself a new blog!!

I figured I should probably do to that since I'm not at Dixie anymore. E-mail me at and let me know if you want to be able to read it cuz I'm going private in a couple weeks!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to Yours Truly

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I, Ali Mace Cooper, had a birthday on April 16th!
I like to make my birthday last, so I make it a point to do a lot of mini celebrations all week long…even if other people have no idea they are celebrating my pre and post birthday.

Pre-birthday activity numero uno:

I went on an awesome double date where we went out to dinner, played some glow in the dark mini golf which my team won (Duh, It was my pre-birthday), played arcade games, watched a little of the Jazz game, and finished off the night with some Brian Regan. Here’s a picture of my date and I in front of the deal or no deal game where we (meaning he) won most of our tickets.

If you can’t tell, we won two parachute men, an airplane, an army soldier, and last but not least…STEWIE FROM “FAMILY GUY!”
Pre birthday activity numero dos:

My birthday wouldn’t be complete without a new pair of jeans. So, on April 15th, my dad bought me a new pair! Woo woo!! Thanks daddy-o. That night my friends took me out to spoon me and I got a free one because it was my pre birthday! That just adds to the many reasons why I LOVE spoon me!
The big day:

I started off my birthday waking up to the theme song from “The Fresh Prince of Bell-Air.” It definitely set the tone for the rest of the day. After humming myself the happy birthday song, I hopped out of bed to open my presents. :) All I have to say about that is THANK YOU THANK YOU!

The day was great, I went to lunch with my good friend Jennica, and I got a complimentary piece of cheesecake. Why? Because it was my birthday of course!

That night was our final ambassador banquet. I was happy it landed on my birthday because I love all of the ambassadors so so much. We ate at the Golden Corral. It was tons of fun and veeeeery tasty.

After the banquet I made the long drive to Salt Lake to go 80’s dancing with all my friends up there. I was having too much fun and totally spaced taking pictures, but just know that it was awesome.

Thanks to everyone who helped make my birthday a great one. I loved all the texts, voicemails, cards, presents, Facebook comments, and phone calls!

There is a lot more I need to post about, but due to finals and lack of study time, I should probably save that for later. :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

My Easter weekend was just what I needed before finals- RELAXING. I spent a lot of time with my family and friends from high school, had a little Easter egg hunt, colored eggs, made egg salad, and most mom made peanut butter rice crispies! WOO!

With it being Easter and all, I thought I might share something with you.

Reflections of Christ

I went to a fireside a few weeks ago about the Artist, Mark Mabry, and WOW. After the fireside I came home and watched this sideshow about 5 times, NO JOKE! His photographs are amazing; they make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! One day I want to have a big huge framed picture in my day.

Pretty good eh?

You can visit his website at

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Weekly Would You Rather

In light of my sister Amanda having a baby, I thought this week’s would you rather should probably have something to do with babies or child birth. :) Men, you can answer this question if you want, but I already know what you’ll say.

Would you rather….

Have men experience the pains of childbirth along with you?


Be able to eat anything you want without gaining any weight?

I’ve thought long and hard about this one, and the only thing that comes to mind is EPIDURAL. As long as I can have one, I’d be happy to give birth. Ok well maybe not HAPPY, but you get the idea.

I’d much rather be able to eat anything I want without gaining weight than make my husband suffer with me. Although that is a pretty entertaining thought…And depending on how good of a husband some may have, answers very well may change. Mwahahaha Ok that is just cruel.

So tell me, what would YOU rather?

Congratulations, Amanda! And Welcome to my new niece Taylor Jayce!!

p.s. I named her. Yeah I know, I'm kind of a big deal ;)

Monday, April 6, 2009

D Week

D Week is definitely one of the coolest weeks at Dixie State College. Pageants, painting the “D” road, a carnival, free food, whitewashing the “D”, D Dance, and of course….The Great Race.

For those of you who don’t know what The Great Race is, you should definitely come and find out next year.I almost don’t want to tell you all that goes on because I might spoil the surprise…but I can at least tell you a little. It’s a HUGE relay race that includes the entire school and community. There were around thirty teams this year, mud pit, roller blading, running, swimming, trivia, and a lot more.
This post isn’t just about D week or about the great race. It is about something much, much more important.

In order to become a true rebel you must kiss someone in the fountain at midnight during either a full moon, homecoming, or at the “D” Dance.
I was asked to the dance by my really good friend Kaden. He’s on the X-club so for our date we climbed up the huge D on the mountain and burned that baby! Haha here’s a picture:

We had dinner up there with a group of people and it was really fun! After that we ran home and changed into our formal attire for the dance. It was a masquerade, hence the masks on our faces.

The dance was a blast, but I won’t lie, the thought of FINALLY becoming a True Rebel was in the back of my mind the entire time. It was getting closer and closer to midnight, the moment of truth. It was my last opportunity to become a true rebel. The announcement came over the microphone that it was almost midnight, and finally, my date said the magic words.
Date: “So Ali, you wanna become a True Rebel tonight?”
Me: “Well….of course....I mean…if YOU want to become a True Rebel. *cough cough*”
So we made our way out to the fountain with a group of other pre-true rebelers.
As midnight drew nearer and anticipation grew, I couldn’t help but notice everyone pulling out their gum and chap-stick in preparation for the big moment. Have you noticed what funny things people do right before they know they’re going to kiss someone? It’s hilarious….but I’ll save that for another post.
Eh hem
Our shoes came off, and we hovered around the fountain. Cameras were out and music played. Once midnight struck you could feel the excitement in the air. We placed our feet into the fountain that would finally give us the title of a True Rebel.
I won’t go into detail about hot steamy kiss I shared with my date or how we got so into it that we actually got ALL THE WAY IN the fountain or how afterwards we decided that we might as will just hitch a ride to Vegas and get married because the bond of True Rebel night was just too strong to be broken…. (Ok, Mom TOTALLY kidding….or am I? hehe) but I will post a picture of this, my true rebel card.

Finally, I have joined the True Rebel Club, and MAN it feels good!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Kindergarten April Fool's

I walk into work this morning to find THIS:

Freakin Hannah Montana body with a teacher head! AAAAAH!!! I seriously jumped back when I saw her. It just about scared me to death. For some reason Hannah and I have never really gotten along.

Suprisingly, the kids didn’t like her either.

“That thing is freakin me out” “She gives me the creeps!” “Get Hannah OUT of here!”

(Just some of the five-year-olds’ protests).

My April Fool’s went a little like this:

“Miss Ali! There is a monster behind you!” says one of the children during class.

“What? WHERE?!” I exclaim as I turn my head wildly in all directions.

The class busts up into laughter.

We do this about ten more times.

“Man, we are good! We ALWAYS get Miss Ali!” Someone says.

My favorite:

We were learning about money and it’s value when one of the little boys in my class says, “Hey miss Ali, did you know that they are coming out with a new coin…. in 2010… that its uh….its a penny but its worth um…..two cents? Yeah two cents. And sometimes it even changes colors and then it will be worth even more. Like maybe twelve-hundred cents….if you wanted. And that is A LOT of money so you’ll be RICH. Cool huh? Did you know that?”

“Wow Damien, I had no idea. That’s really cool! You said it was coming out in 2010? I’ll have to get me one of those!”


Gosh, I can’t believe I fell for it every time. Those kids are tricky little buggers.